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The world’s disasters all have some things in common. People died who didn’t need to. People will always die in the initial event. However thousands of people die after the main event who could be saved. All we need is to prepare.

 One good thing that has come out of these disasters is that the world has come together to help. We need more of this. Global Rescue feels that that there needs to be a coordinated effort where all nations get together and form specialized teams to help in the relief effort.

 Global Rescue is developing a plan to save tens of thousands of lives, hopefully more. This is a global effort. We invite you to read on.

Recent News:

May 7th 2008

Disaster in Myanmar Millions of people face homelessness, hunger, and disease. Please contribute to the relief effort. While you contribute to the relief please contribute a few dollars to the Global Rescue project, so we can get going ahead of schedule.

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