How many refugees?

According to this page at At the end of 2022 there were 110 million people displaced by spiraling crises around the world. They state that 1% of humanity is displaced by violence, conflict, or persecution. A third statistic is that 90% of refugees are housed by middle to low income countries. Why not rich countries? Can we help them? Yes of course we can, and why don’t we. 110 million people.

That is way too many. We absolutely need to figure out how to reduce this number.

Here is a goal: We all work together to reduce this number every year. Remember you may end up becoming on of them one day.

1% of the world’s refugees are displaces by violence, conflict, or persecution? How is this even acceptable? The percentage needs to be zero. We all need to condemn violence and conflict in the strongest way possible, and find new places to the persecuted to live.

90% of refugees are housed in middle to low income countries. We certainly hope that all rich countries are helping financially.

It is within our power to make positive changes